About FemmesFantastic

FemmesFantastic is a brand new blog to celebrate the female in literature.

Whether your inspiration is Elizabeth Bennet, Arya Stark, or Boudica we share your love of the resilient women and girls in literature. Those who find the fight and don’t wait for adventure; females who speak their mind and strive to stay true to themselves and their beliefs; and above all characters who inspire the current and next generation by overcoming oppression, fighting the grain and planting the seeds of the future themselves.

We aim to give you such an eclectic mix of a non-stereotypical feminine touch you’ll wonder how you missed them.


Jessica O’Toole @JOAPostropheT

Animator, fighter pilot, knight, Thundercat – Jessica has wanted to be many things since childhood, but none of them as avidly as being a writer, her dream since age seven. Except perhaps Thundercat – that never gets old.

After wanting to write scripts for a living, and that half working out (not the living part), she took a detour and hasn’t looked back since. With two novels in her fantasy series, a funded sci-fi short, and a fantasy musical nearing completion her fingers are well and truly trying every pie.

imageCaitlin Francis @misscaitlinsara

An avid reader, Caitlin has been lost in the realms of fantasy ever since she was a young girl. Having spent her early years in her mother and father’s science fiction and fantasy book store, she read everything she could get her hands on.
Caitlin has a Bachelors degree in Arts and Education with first class honours in Literature. She is currently undertaking a PhD in the area of fantasy , focusing on the prevalence of gendered violence in contemporary fantasy fiction.


FemmesFantastic is a reader and writer community project created by writer Jessica O’Toole aimed at bringing you the most inspiring and positive of female leads and supporting characters in literature (and occasionally beyond!).


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