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Know an amazing lady of literature not yet covered? Fictional, fictionalised or biographical, nominate a female worth finding out about by clicking on Contact.


If you want us to read your book and definitely review your character in the near future there are some necessaries:

  • She must meet our criteria. Resilient, witty, sharp, cunning, strong, complex, non-stereotypical, (not necessarily all of those!) but most importantly inspiring! She does not have to be a leading character, nor a protagonist. She can be supporting, or the baddie (because they’re  fictional people too). Any mix or all of those traits and she should be a winner!
  • To be on the shortlist you’ll need to send us a copy. You’ll get our time and effort in bringing your work to this blog’s readers. Our time is precious and there is already a huge backlog of characters we have on our lists, but we’ll read quicker and she’s guaranteed a place providing she meets our terms.
  • To be on the long list you just need to nominate. She’ll be put on the to-read list, and will get her turn.

If you just want to know more, have a chat, leave a comment, questions or anything else drop us a line below: