Join us!

Readers or writers:

Are you an avid reader or writer looking to branch out into blogging? We’re seeking contributors who can produce posts of at least 500 words, more is fine, for female characters in literature (written by any gender) on a casual, semi-regular or regular basis. In the future we will also be creating an author spotlight of the writers who have featured characters.

Send us an email with a short review of any female character you like (or a link to a similar blog post) and your contribution preference and we’ll get back as soon as possible.

Writers are in charge of posting their own blogs directly to the page, so please bear this in mind if you are not the kind to keep to deadlines.


If you want to share your female-centric art (ideally of women in literature, however it does not necessarily have to be connected to a character at all, just embodying our ideals) then get in touch. Artwork will be posted as their own blog (unless they are connected to a character in an upcoming post), but we will also feature new work on our featured image reel. Send us a message with a picture or a link to your work online and we’ll get back to you!

Artists can send us pictures directly, or, if you wish to be a regular contributor of art we will assign you a login.


Regular means at least once a month or every two months – you will need to meet deadlines.

Semi-regular means around every quarter to six times a year – You may need to meet deadlines.

Casual means fewer than four times a year – there will be no deadlines, you will need to let us know if you wish to post!


N.B. All work remains your property and you may remove it (or request for it to be removed) at any time. This is communal – we just want to share it with the world!